Android Remote Management Agent sideloading is not supported

With the recent release of Android Remote Management 4.0, it is important to understand the supported methods of delivery of the Remote Managmenet Agent to devices.  To experience the full Remote Management functionality on a device, VMware AirWatch recommends deploying all versions of the Android Remote Management Agent to a device via Apps & Books or Product Provisioning.  Sideloading the application is not a supported method of delivery.

Important: VMware AirWatch is preparing Remote Management version 3.0 for its end-of-life event, including last order date, availability, and support. For details about this transition, refer to our knowledge base article here. For a viable and advanced replacement, refer to the VMware AirWatch Advanced Remote Management Guide.


Required Action

  • Ensure that any devices being deployed with Remote Management are done so through a supported mechanism; either via Apps & Books, or Product Provisioning.


Possible Impact

  • If the Android Remote Management Agent/Services are sideloaded, Remote Management functionality may not work.


Support Contact Information

To open a Support Request, please call your local support line or submit a Support Request via My Workspace ONE.

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