Workspace ONE 3.0 & 3.0.1 changes to Favorites and Launching Apps

Bookmarks View

In version 3.0 of Workspace ONE for iOS, AirWatch has replaced the Launcher with a new Bookmarks tab to better describe its use for web and virtual applications. We have also included in-app messaging, which explains what the Bookmarks tab is for and how it can be configured. This article outlines what users can expect upon the initial login of Workspace ONE 3.0 for iOS for both existing and new users.

What does a user see when they first login to Workspace ONE?

Any Launcher item that was previously a Favorite will now be a Bookmark. All of the pre-staged applications available can be found in the Catalog. The following are potential scenarios that may be presented to the user:

  1. If a user has no existing favorites and is launching Workspace ONE for the first time, the user will land on a blank Bookmarks tab with instructions on how to add bookmarks. 
  2. If a user has at least one existing favorite and is launching Workspace ONE for the first time, the user will land on a Bookmarks tab populated with web/virtual apps that were previously favorited. 
  3. After the first launch, end users will be taken directly to the last tab visited (Bookmarks/Catalog). If an end user prefers to always launch from Catalog, they simply maintain using the Catalog view. The initial launch of the application is the only time the Bookmarks display defaults. 

Adding Bookmarks

To add an item to Bookmarks, perform the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the Catalog by either clicking on Add Bookmarks from the blank screen or selecting the Catalog tab along the top.
  2. Select the ribbon icon to mark the application.


Launching Apps

There are multiple ways to launch Web application. 

  1. From the Bookmarks tab: Click on the application icon to launch the application.
  2. From the Catalog tab: Click on the box with the arrow icon to open the application.
    Note: Clicking on the application icon from the Catalog View will bring up the details of the particular application.  
  3. From Spotlight Search or Search within Workspace ONE: Users can launch web applications. From the Spotlight Search, users can simply select the application icon from the list. From the Workspace ONE search, users can click the box with the arrow icon to open the application. 

To launch installed native applications, the user should click on the application icon in the iOS springboard as normal. Utilize Spotlight Search on supported devices.

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