Resolved/Known Issues - iOS SDK 17.5

Known Issues

  • Upgrading from an app Obj-C version of the SDK to Swift and then downgrading back to the Obj-C version of the SDK is not supported. If you need to upgrade after a downgrade for whatever reason, please make sure you delete the app in-between downgrades / upgrades.
  • Certain devices that are jailbroken may experience crashes when utilizing the SDK in a workflow where the SDK needs to display a UI.
  • The previously available API to force the SDK to retrieve a new client certificate (fetchNewCertificatesWithError) is not available in this beta.
  • The documentation is still in beta stages and is not yet finalized. Please report any inaccuracies if found.
  • There is an issue where when the device is enrolled with Workspace ONE, the SDK built app may not be able to tunnel traffic due to a compliance state violation. This issue is currently being addressed. In the meantime, a workaround is available:
    • Workaround for Windows Tunnel Proxy
      1. Browse to the Folder of your tunnel installation
      2. Navigate to the Folder TunnelProxy\conf
      3. Open the file in a text editor of your choice
      4. Update the line that reads ALLOWED_COMPLIANCE_STATES to
      6. run services.msc from run line
      7. Restart the “AirWatch Tunnel Proxy”
    • Workaround for Linux Tunnel Proxy
      1. Navigate to the folder /opt/airwatch/tunnel/vpnd/
      2. Edit the server.conf file
      3. Update the line that ready ALLOWED_COMPLIANCE_STATES to
      5. Restart the tunnel service by running the following command: “sudo service vpnd restart”
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