[Resolved] FDB-858: High CPU utilization on AirWatch 9.1 Console and Device Services servers

Version Identified

AirWatch 9.1



FDB-858, FDB-863, FDB-866, FDB-872, FDB-860, FDB-867



Certain procedures in AirWatch 9.1 may experience performance issues in environments in very high loads.  This can result in timeouts when using the Device List View, Application List View, or User List View pages in the AirWatch Console, as well as high CPU utilization and impacted performance on the Device Services server.



A database script to resolve these issues is available in My Workspace ONE.

Note: This script should only be run on the AirWatch Database server.  Do not run this script against a dedicated Reports Database.

  • Download "" Database Script and copy it onto the database server.
  • Double-click "" file to open SQL Server Management Studio.
  • Verify that the active database is set to your AirWatch instance (typically named "AirWatch"). Click Execute
  • Wait a few moments until you see the "Query executed successfully" message.


Fix Versions                        

This has been resolved in AirWatch 9.1.1 and 9.2. 

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