Configuring F5 VPN when using Android

In AirWatch 9.1, it is possible to utilize App Configuration when adding F5 as a public app. This is the recommended method for deploying the F5 client.

If certificate based authentication is being used, follow the steps outlined under "Creating a credential payload'. Otherwise skip ahead to "Setup F5 using App Configuration"


How to create a Credential profile

  1. Navigate to Devices > Profiles & Resources > Profiles > Add > Add Profile > Android.
  2. Configure the General profile settings including the name for the profile and assign it to smart group(s).
  3. Select the Credentials tab and upload the necessary certificates.
  4. Select Save & Publish to distribute the certificates to devices.


How to setup F5 using App Configuration

  1. Navigate to Apps & Books > List View > Public.
  2. Select Add Application and select Android from the Platform field.
  3. Search F5 and click the +Select button to add.
  4. Enable Send Application Configuration under the Assignment tab Parameters supported by F5 are shown. 
  5. Select Configure next to VPN Configurations to view and configure additional options.



  6. Select Save Configuration.
  7. Save & Assign the application, then click Publish to deploy the app to devices.


Additional steps if certificates are used for authentication

  • Enter the friendly name of the certificate in the Client Certificate This friendly name is shown to the user by F5. The end user will have to select this certificate when prompted by the OS. The end user flow is shown below. In this example, the value provided was "certificate xyz"
  • Delete the following options as they are not needed: 
    • Option titled "Client Certificate" with description "Client Certificate"
    • Option titled "Client Certificate Password" with description "Client certificate password".

F5VPN4.png F5VPN5.png F5VPN6.png

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