Resolved / Known Issues Android Launcher 3.1

Resolved Issues:

  • ALAU - 169849: Security Update - Added retry limit to disable Admin passcode if exceeded
  • ALAU – 169850: Security Update - Updated admin passcode to be hashed using PBKDF2 (20,000 iterations) encryption
  • ALAU – 169820: Resolved issue with difficulty unlocking an ET1 device in landscape mode using dpi 240 setting
  • ALAU – 169806: Resolved issue with hidden phone app failing to Launch from the contact app
  • ALAU – 169704: Resolved issue in which recent apps can be accessed when launcher is configured on the Bluebird EF500
  • ALAU – 169791: Resolved issue with shortcuts added directly from Launcher admin mode are not retained in multi-app mode
  • ALAU – 169855: Resolved issue in which Launcher can’t be set as default Launcher on Hauwei MediaPad device

Known Issues

  • ALAU -169560: [Lenovo TAB2 A10-30] - Cellular data option is not displayed in launcher - This is not supported in this device to the usage stats manager API now working/available.
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