Searching for Online Documentation in My Workspace ONE

Beginning with AirWatch 9.1, the online help documentation now resides in My Workspace ONE instead of the AirWatch Console server. This help system contains approximately 2,000 topics, which are frequently updated with the latest features and improvements. As you perform searches in My Workspace ONE, you may notice that these topics, which are labeled “Online Help Page” in search results, comprise the majority of your search results.  You can browse to the Online Help section by selecting Documentation > Online Help in the My Workspace ONE sidebar.

By using My Workspace ONE filters, you can exclude help pages from your search, or refine your results to meet more specific criteria. If you include online help topics in your search criteria, then it is important that you make your search query as specific as possible, as very generic searches (for example, “iOS”, “Android”, “enroll”) may not return useful results.

You can use the following common filters and actions to tailor your search results:

  • Exclude online help topics from search results.

    To exclude online help topics from your results, you can use the File Types filter to select every file type except HTML Webpage, which includes help topics.



  • Search only for PDF Guides.

    To limit your search to PDFs, you can also use the File Types filter. In addition, you can select the Only search in resource title check box to limit your search to guide names. If you are looking for a specific guide, consider checking Product Documentation for AirWatch 9.1 first, which contains links to most major documentation for AirWatch 9.1. Future releases will have a similar page for reference.



  • Limit searches by a specific category or resource type.

    Additional filters let you sort content by a category (for example, Application Management, Device Management, etc.) or Resource Type (for example, knowledge base article, documentation, forum post).

    In general, if you are looking for all information related to your search query, you may not want to filter by Category or Resource Type. To perform this type of global search, simply use the search function in the top-right from any page.



  • Searching for content in the online help system.

    The online help also has its own search function. This search only includes results for other online help topics, and will not deliver results for PDF documents, knowledge base articles, or other resources. You can use either this search or the global My Workspace ONE search for finding help-related content.  Note that some of the online help pages may contain links to relevant PDF documentation.


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