[Resolved] ARES-2902: Devices show up under "installed" count for managed app after they have been removed from assignment

Version Identified

AirWatch Console 9.1






If a device is assigned an application, and then removed from the assignment, the grid view for that application will still count that device as "installed" even though it is no longer assigned.  The app is removed from the device if it is unassigned.  For example:

  1. An app is configured in AirWatch and assigned to smart group A
  2. A device in smart group A installs the app
  3. The assignment is changed from smart group A to smart group B.  The device mentioned above is not in smart group B.
  4. The app will be removed from the device, but the device will still be listed under the "installed" count.  The device is not listed under the "assigned" count.


Fix Version                        

This has been resolved in AirWatch Console 9.2.

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