Introducing VMware Boxer 4.3 for iOS

The VMware AirWatch® team is excited to announce that VMware Boxer 4.3 for iOS is publicly available.

What’s New in this App Version

  • BINXI-3179: App supports S/MIME protocol
  • BINXI-3632: Added email classification marking feature
  • BINXI-4264: App supports sending logs as an attachment instead of email body
  • BINXI-2790: Improved UI to enable better readability when there is a large table or inline image

Bugs Fixed in this App Version

  • BINXI-4358: Boxer contacts duplicate when multiple devices are set up with same iCloud account and CallerID
  • BINXI-4337: Status 16 Retry is not handled properly
  • BINXI-4318: Boxer displays ‘Invalid credentials’ error when syncing with Gmail account, after which, the mails continue to sync
  • BINXI-4262: Encrypted email shows up with red null in body
  • BINXI-4442: On receiving multiple ENS notifications, some unread notifications are marked as read
  • BINXI-4393: Decrypted emails displaying blank body
  • BINXI-4230: Snackbar to enable S/MIME not seen on launching passcode enabled Boxer
  • BINXI-4149: .eml and .msg attachments are missing from signed and encrypted emails
  • BINXI-4089: Sending email with encrypted attachment fails
  • BINXI-4064: Quick Action toolbar appears in the middle of the screen when send availability is used
  • BINXI-2998: Boxer does not send system samples regularly when enrolled as a standalone
  • BINXI-4492: Account shows ‘push’ enabled after enterprise wipe without enabling
  • BINXI-4420: Badge Count issue with unread messages outside sync window
  • BINXI-4409: Crash in Jobs subsystem
  • BINXI-4323: Ensure email names and addresses are not eclipsed unnecessarily
  • BINXI-4308: Flagged sub-folder count does not update
  • BINXI-4325: Boxer ignores HTML font tag
  • BINXI-4004: 3D Touch has labels with ‘quickAction’ if device language is not set to English
  • BINXI-3983: Duplicate contacts are created when iCloud contacts are enabled or disabled
  • BINXI-1334: Open Into icon disappears
  • BINXI-619: Boxer does not display .eml attachment inside an .eml attachment
  • BINXI-3860: Notification sound does not turn off when set to none
  • BINXI-3653: Unable to view image in signature when composing emails
  • BINXI-3216: Unwanted scrolling observed while composing an email
  • BINXI-2762: Certain email cannot zoom in or zoom out properly
  • BINXI-2004: HTML code displays in recipient's email list view when sender has HTML enabled phone number in the signature settings
  • BINXI-1784: Boxer does not display file icon for .txt, .csv, and .xlsx file types
  • BINXI-4128: Boxer on first launch does not send ping commands to server after initial sync is completed
  • BINXI-4226: Boxer displays multiple notifications when it is open in background and ENS v1 is enabled
  • BINXI-2514: Support for large tables
  • BINXI-3859: Meeting invite when created by replying to an email sends out an empty email


Customer Impact

Take advantage of these updates by meeting the minimum requirements and downloading VMware Boxer 4.3 for iOS. 

Minimum Requirements

  • iOS 9+
  • AirWatch 8.3.5+

How to Download VMware Boxer 4.3 for iOS

  • Prior Version is Installed – Direct end users to update the app when prompted. The application seamlessly updates over the existing application version without disrupting device enterprise functionality.
  • Prior Version is Not Installed – Direct end users to download it from the App Store.


Support Contact Information

To open a Support Request, please call your local AirWatch support line or submit a Support Request via myAirWatch.


Best Regards,

The AirWatch Team

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