How to setup VPN profile for the new Cisco AnyConnect application

Cisco is working on a new version of their AnyConnect application, which uses the new Apple VPN framework. Currently, AirWatch supports AnyConnect configuration in the VPN payload, however, the new application will use a different VPNSubtype. This means the old option cannot be used with the new version of the client. A future version of AirWatch will have the option to configure the new client in the Connection Type.

Testing the new Cisco AnyConnect application

If you would like to test the new version of the application, perform the following steps:

  • Add iOS VPN profile
  • Select Connection Type as “Custom”
  • Enter identifier as “
  • Add Custom Data with Key as “DeviceUniqueIdentifier” and Value as “{DeviceUid}”
  • Select Provider type as “Packet Tunnel
  • Complete the rest of the configuration as per requirement


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