[Resolved] PPAT-1839: Per-App VPN fails after restarting the vpnd service on Relay server of UAG v2.9 deployment

Version Identified

Unified Access Gateway v2.9






When Per-App Tunnel is deployed using the Unified Access Gateway 2.9 in Relay-Endpoint mode, the Relay server uses an incorrect password to authenticate against the endpoint, causing communication to break.



  1. Navigate to the Endpoint server’s config.xml: /opt/airwatch/Tunnel/Proxy/conf/
  2. Copy the InternalProxyPassword
  3. Navigate to the Relay server and open the server.conf file: /opt/airwatch/Tunnel/vpnd/
  4. Replace the outbound_proxy_password with the password you copied in step 2
  5. Restart the vpnd service


After implementing the above steps, do not change anything in the AirWatch Console under VMware Tunnel > Configuration. Do not click ‘Save’ and do not reboot the appliance, otherwise it will update the appliance with the wrong password and the work around will have to be reapplied.


Fix Versions

This has been resolved in the Unified Access Gateway v3.0.

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