AAPP-1710: No Allow Notifications prompt for newly installed apps when iOS Notifications payload is applied

Version Identified

Workspace ONE UEM (AirWatch) Console 8.4






When a Notifications profile is applied to a supervised iOS device, any app specified in the profile that has not yet been installed and launched on a device will fail to launch the Allow Notifications pop-up.  For example, if a Notifications profile has the AirWatch Agent configured, but the app is installed on a device after the profile is applied, then the user will never receive the Allow Notifications pop-up for the AirWatch Agent. Apps that are already installed on the device will receive the pop-up as expected.


Fix Versions

We have informed Apple of the issue and this article will be updated once we confirm a resolution in iOS.  If you have Apple Care Support you may wish to reach out directly to Apple to learn more details around the status of this issue.

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