How to opt out of anonymized VMware Boxer analytics

VMware Boxer uses anonymized analytics to monitor app health and feature usage status to help improve the application. If you would like to opt-out of the analytics program, please follow the following instructions to disable the data collection:

1. Log into the AirWatch Console and navigate to your Organization Group (OG)
2. Select Apps & Books on the navigation bar on the left
3. Select Applications section
4. Select List View sub-section
5. Select Public tab
6. Find and select the desired VMware Boxer row
7. Press the Edit button for VMware Boxer app
8. Select Assignment tab
9. Scroll to the section labeled Application Configuration (Optional)
10. Click Add if there is not an empty row in Application Configuration
11. Enter:

    • PolicyAllowMetrics in the Configuration Key column
    • Boolean in the Value Type column
    • false in the Configuration Value

12. Click Save & Publish

Repeat these steps for every Boxer instance/platform in the Application List.

The Boxer application will automatically apply the updated settings within 5-10 minutes. To take effect immediately, force kill and restart Boxer.

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