VMware Identity Manager: Options available for configuring MS SQL Database


To provide the different option for database name, and service account credentials. 



If you prefer to use a different database name or service account credentials. 



Please refer to the article on "Configure a Microsoft SQL Database" for the process on how to prepare the MS SQL server with a vIDM database.

Note:  In the example code linked in the above article, some of the variables may need to be replaced:

  • saas - first introduced on line 1: CREATE DATABASE saas.  Replace "saas" with your desired database name.
  • horizon - first introduced on line 6: CREATE LOGIN horizon WITH PASSWORD = N'H0rizon!';.  Replace "horizon" with the desired service account username.
  • H0rizon! - first introduced on line 6.  Replace "H0rizon!" with the desired password for the service account.
  • Keep in mind that these variables may be used on multiple lines.
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