How to stop all websites and services on the Console and Device Services servers

In order to "turn off" or "disable" an AirWatch Console or Device Services server, you must stop all of the AirWatch Services and Internet Information Services (IIS) websites on each Console and Device Services server. By stopping these, AirWatch will effectively be down, the Console will be inaccessible, and no devices will be able to connect to Device Services. Note that EIS, SEG, AirWatch Tunnel and ACC are considered auxiliary components and stopping these components would be separate from these steps.

Stop All Websites and Services

Dedicated API and AWCM servers are considered application servers, similar to the AirWatch Console and Device  Services. You should therefore perform the steps below on these servers if you have dedicated servers for these components.

Caution: If you are running the AirWatch Secure Email Gateway (SEG) on the same server as the AirWatch Console or AirWatch Device Services servers, then you should not stop the AirWatch EAS Integration Service or World Wide Web Publishing Service. This is done to ensure email traffic is not blocked while you are upgrading. 

You can stop all websites and servers by:

  • Manually stopping each AirWatch Service from the Services pane in System Manager on each AirWatch Server.
  • Stopping the World Wide Web Publishing Service on each AirWatch Console and Device Services server.
  • Disabling any monitoring services (for example, Nagios) that could manually restart the AirWatch services or IIS.

Stop Application Server Services

From each AirWatch Console and Device Services server do the following:

  1. Open the Server Manager.
  2. Navigate to Tools >Services.
  3. You will see all AirWatch services at the top of the services list in alphabetical order. Each of these services start with AirWatch in the name. For each of these services, right-click and choose Stop.
  4. Continue to repeat this process until all AirWatch services have been stopped.
  5. Stop the World Wide Web Publishing Service.
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