[Resolved] ARES-2407: AirWatch servers cannot authenticate to File Storage servers if they are in different domains

Version Identified

AirWatch 9.0.2






This issue affects on-premise environments that have enabled File Storage in the AirWatch Console.AirWatch application servers (such as the Console and Device Services) are unable to authenticate against the File Storage server using Windows authentication if it is on a separate domain or if the AirWatch application servers are not on a domain.  For example, if the AirWatch Device Services server is in the DMZ with no domain, and the File Storage server is in an internal server on domain, the DS server will not be able to authenticate properly.

This can lead to functionality issues in the Console or with devices where File Storage is used.  For example, if a DS server is unable to authenticate to File Storage, then devices will not be able to successfully install internal applications that have been deployed.  Likewise, if the Console cannot authenticate to File Storage, then administrators will not be able to successfully run reports.


Fix Versions

This has been resolved in AirWatch 9.1.

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