How to push out application updates to all assigned users

Note: The process outlined in this article is required for iOS applications deployed through Device-based VPP.

Administrators can issue a command to all assigned devices to update to the latest version of the app.  Apps that are deployed through device-based VPP cannot be automatically updated by users through the App Store and the update must be initiated by the administrators with the following steps:

  • In the AirWatch Console, navigate to any application.  If you would like to push out a command to update an application that is not currently managed by AirWatch (such as if the AirWatch Agent is downloaded manually from the iOS App Store), select to add this app to the Console.  When configuring deployment settings, make sure Make MDM Managed is selected and the deployment mode is set to On Demand.  This will assign the app to devices but will not yet issue any commands.
  • Select Manage Devices.


  • From the Manage devices page you can issue a command to all devices with the app currently installed, or all devices assigned (on a page-by-page basis).  Note that you only have to complete one of the following steps:
    • To issue the command to all devices with the app currently installed, change the view filter to "Installed."  This will list all devices that currently have a version of the app installed.  Select Install On Filtered to issue a command to all of these devices.
    • To issue a command to all devices regardless of the current install status, click the checkbox that selects all devices.  Select Install On Selected.  This will issue an install command for all devices on the current page, so if there are multiple pages you can repeat the previous steps to issue all commands.

Blocking/hiding the App Store

If you have a restriction that is blocking or hiding the App Store for end user devices, then these devices will not receive automatic app updates.  Make sure to temporarily disable this restriction to allow devices to update their applications.

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