How to authenticate into AirWatch Inbox for Android with token-based enrollment and SSO disabled

Due to application changes introduced to improve application-level encryption, end users that launch AirWatch Inbox for Android can experience a username and password prompt when launching the application for the first time if SSO is disabled in the AirWatch Console.  In order to authenticate without requiring the user to enter in their username and password, you can perform one of the two options below:

  • Enable SSO from the Airwatch Console: When Single Sign-On is enabled, Airwatch Inbox authenticates with against the AirWatch Agent directly.  With this model, users should not be prompted within the Android Inbox for username and password.
  • User can generated one-time Authorization Token: This option can be utilized if users are enrolled through Token-Based enrollment, and may not know the appropriate username and password to use for email access.
    • When first accessing AirWatch Inbox for Android, end users will see a username and password prompt.
    • Select the Key icon to the left of the "Login" button.  This will prompt the user to enter an Authorization Token.


    • To generate the Authorization Token, the user should navigate to the AirWatch Self Service Portal (SSP), select Advanced Actions, and select Generate App Token.


    • Use the Authorization Token generated to authenticate into Android Inbox.
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