AINBX-185995: AirWatch Inbox 2.12 for Android can crash after upgrade when device is enrolled through AirWatch Container

Versions Affected

AirWatch Inbox 2.10, 2.12 for Android

AirWatch Container for Android




In certain situations, users may experience an AirWatch Inbox crash when upgrading from Inbox 2.10 to 2.12.  This issue affects devices that are enrolled through AirWatch Container.  This crash will occur if the following steps occur:

  • A user upgrades from Inbox 2.10 to 2.12.
  • The AirWatch Administrator updates and saves SDK Settings in the AirWatch Console to include SSO = Enabled and Authentication type = Passcode.
  • The user then reboots their device without first launching Inbox.
  • Upon reboot, an "input password" prompt will be displayed in the notification bar on the device.
  • If the user selects the notification, Inbox will experience a crash.


Our product team has been engaged and is working on a resolution.

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