How to enable PIN-Based Encryption for Android

PIN Based Encryption (PBE) for Android can be enabled on any environment running at least AirWatch Console 9.0.1. Prior to enabling PBE for Android, please make sure you have read the associated knowledge base article around SSO and authentication behavior changes for AirWatch iOS and Android apps and fully understand the behavior implications of doing so.

To enable PIN-Based Encryption for the Android Agent, perform the following steps: 

1. PBE can only be configured once the Authentication Type is set to either Passcode or Username and Password in the AirWatch Console under Settings > Apps > Settings And Policies > Security Policies.

2. Navigate to Settings > Devices & Users > Android > Security.

3. If you have not properly completed step 1 above you will see the message "In order to configure Android Security Settings, please enable authentication at Security Policies." Otherwise you will be allowed to configure PBE.

4. Enable Key Encryption with User input.

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