Introducing AirWatch 8.4.9

The VMware AirWatch team is excited to announce that AirWatch 8.4.9 is now publicly available.  

This release is now available for download on myAirWatch.

Software Delivery Notification

SDN # - AW_8.4.9

Release - 8.4

Work Items Addressed

  • AAPP-1196–Updated the support for Apple's Device Enrollment Program (DEP) in AirWatch to address the inability of a child organization group (OG) that is set to inherit or override to override the parent OG configurations for DEP.
  • AAPP-1932–Updated integration with Apple's Device Enrollment Program (DEP) in the AirWatch Console to address the system making DEP options (fetch and renew) available to configure in a child organization group (OG) when you set the child to inherit configurations from the parent OG.  
  • AAPP-2035–Added seed script to the AirWatch Console to support the latest AirWatch Agent for macOS.
  • AMST-559–Addressed an issue in the AirWatch system with the update of Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) profiles on devices when devices have multiple EAS profiles on them.
  • AMST-715–Addressed an issue where the Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) profile does not deploy to Windows 10 devices after republishing the EAS profile from AirWatch.
  • AMST-941–Addressed an issue with accessing some pre-existing profiles after an AirWatch upgrade.
  • AMST-982–Addressed an error (installed profile out of date) with the Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) profile not deploying to devices after an admin updates it from the AirWatch Console and has to install the profile manually on the device to reflect the update.
  • APC-380–Updated the AirWatch SDK to address a server exception with a 500 HTTP status code instead of a 200-Ok message with no body, which is interpreted by applications built with the SDK as device not found and results in an enterprise wipe of the device.
  • APC-405–Updated Boxer and the AirWatch SDK integration so that you can apply the SDK profile to a public application and deploy to Boxer and Boxer receives a configure single-sign on profile.
  • ARES-1700–Addressed an error with the system sending AppConfig parameters to some devices but not others. 
  • CMCM-186038–Updated the behavior for adding admin repositories in the AirWatch Console so that the effective date cannot be earlier than the download date.
  • CMEM-182740–Standardized the way the Secure Email Gateway transforms hyperlinks when a specific messenger app for smartphones prefixes the URL. 
  • CMSVC-1015–Updated the user management functionality in AirWatch to address numbers of users in an Active Directory user group not updating after a sync.
  • CMSVC-1135–Addressed the conversion of legacy application assignments to smart groups that sticks in processing and prevents the UI from displaying the option to convert to smart group assignment.
  • CMSVC-1313–Updated the messaging functionality in AirWatch to address custom HTML message templates that are corrupted when the system sends them to devices for enrollment after admins edit device IMEIs.
  • CMSVC-1339–Updated a process-request method in the database to address the system failing   to verify whitelisted devices in a pre-registered device with IMEI and token enrollment scenario which results in some devices not completing enrollment.
  • CMSVC-924–Updated the internal application functionality in AirWatch to address assigning internal applications to smart groups
  • CRSVC-1022–Updated the Ionic.Zip.Reduced version in the AirWatch Cloud Connector (ACC) so that the ACC automatically updates to the latest version when you upgrade to AirWatch 9.0+.
  • CRSVC-359–Updated the AirWatch cache feature to configure it to pull the modify version number from a database-version table instead of an AirWatch core library.
  • CRSVC-411–Updated the AirWatch Cloud Messenger by adding a default time out value of 60 minutes that the admin can edit at the application config level.
  • CRSVC-944–Updated the certificate authority functionality in AirWatch so that the console displays advanced options for static challenge types for NDES certificate authority versions.
  • ENS-153–Updated the email notification service (ENS) in AirWatch to address the failure of the ENS auto discovery for batches of more than 90 users.
  • FBI-177281–Updated the Application Details report in AirWatch so that the report process adds the selected applications and reflects the data for the selected applications in the report.
  • FDB-603–Addressed a stored procedure for the provisioning feature in AirWatch that experiences a SQL query time out and causes errors on the Product List View page.
  • FDB-633–Addressed the performance of a device-profile-search-console SQL stored procedure in AirWatch.
  • FDB-651–Disabled a lock procedure in an interrogator.scheduler table in the AirWatch database to prevent deadlocks.
  • FDB-692–Updated code in a stored procedure that saves system samples to address a deadlock in the AirWatch database that causes performance issues.
  • RUGG-1079–Updated a null value returned by a stored procedure for printers-server-service-by-ID to address the inability to delete printers. 
  • RUGG-985–Addressed an issue with batch importing on relay servers when using the SFTP protocol in AirWatch.
  • SINST-174230–Addressed a missing DLL in AirWatch environments after upgrade, which caused REST API failures.


Installation Procedure

Use the following step-by-step instructions to apply a feature pack or other patch to your version of AirWatch.

Important: Contact AirWatch if your SEG is on the same server as your AirWatch Admin Console or Device Services servers for instructions on how to proceed.

Consider retaining *.exe installation files in case there are issues.

  1. Stop all the AirWatch services and websites on AirWatch Admin Console and Device Services servers.
  2. Back up your AirWatch Application Servers and AirWatch Database.
  3. Obtain the AirWatch_Application_8.4._FPXX_Install.exe and AirWatch_Database_8.4_FPXX_Setup.exe files from AirWatch Resources ( These are the full installer files, which you run on your servers to apply the upgrade.
  4. Execute the AirWatch_Application_8.4_FPXX_Install.exe by right-clicking and running as administrator on each Console and Device Services server up until the point where all application servers state "IIS and all services are now stopped. Please upgrade your AirWatch database using the provided script", then immediately proceed to the next step.
  5. Run the AirWatch_Database_8.4_FPXX_Setup.exe executable on the AirWatch database server.
  6. Finish running the installers on each Console and Device Services server.
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