FAQ: AirWatch Express Enrollment

How do my devices begin receiving apps, email, restrictions, etc?

To activate your devices in AirWatch, you must do what is called "enrolling" or connecting your device to the AirWatch system. This is typically done by downloading the AirWatch Agent from the public app store and following the steps listed in the AirWatch Express guide. Once enrolled, your devices will begin receiving settings based on the user associated to it.


What information is needed to enroll my device?

You will need 4 pieces of information to enroll a device. You will need the server URL, group ID, and the username/password of the user enrolling the device.


What is my "Group ID"?

Your company's "Group ID" is the identifier for your AirWatch Express environment that allows your enrolled devices to receive the correct settings from your blueprints. This can be found in the drop down of your company name in the AirWatch Express console.


What is my environment or server URL?

Your environment or server URL is the address where your device will connect to and receive its management settings. This will be the same as the URL used to login to the AirWatch Express admin console typically in the form of "cnXX.awmdm.com"


What is the AirWatch Agent and where can I download it?

The AirWatch Agent is a mobile app used to connect your devices to the AirWatch systems. The app can be downloaded at awagent.com or on any of the platform app stores.


Can I have multiple devices enrolled to the same user?

Yes, it is possible to enroll multiple devices to the same user. However, if you want these devices to receive different configurations from one another in the future a device will have to un-enroll and re-enroll to a new user.


How do I notify users to enroll?

AirWatch has an email template that you can send to users to send them important information such as how to install the AirWatch Agent, what their username is, and what the URL and group ID are. This email will automatically be sent if you add a user in a blueprint and can also be sent when you "add device" for a user

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