FAQ: VMware Workspace ONE Express Devices

What platforms are supported by VMware Workspace ONE Express?

Workspace ONE Express supports Apple iOS, macOS, Android, and Windows 10 Phones and Desktops. For specific device models, see our platform support guide.


What if I initially said I wouldn't use Apple devices, but now I plan to?

You can always configure, edit, renew, or delete your APNs certificate for your Apple devices at Settings > Devices & Users > Apple > APNs for MDM.


Are there any version or model restrictions for Workspace ONE Express features?

Yes. Some device limitations are present based on platform version and device OEM (e.g. certain Android devices do not support native mail client configuration).

What does it mean to "Enterprise Wipe" a device?

"Enterprise Wiping" a device will disassociate it from Workspace ONE Express and will remove all settings and information sent to the device via Workspace ONE Express MDM. This includes applications, restrictions, and email/Wi-Fi settings.  No personal information (such as pictures) will be removed from the device.


What does it mean for a device to be "compromised"?

A device is compromised when the VMware Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub detects what is known as "rooting" or "jailbreaking" has occurred to the operating system of the device. If a device is flagged as "compromised", the data in the device is no longer secure and it is recommended to enterprise wipe the device.

How can a user change their ownership type?

To change the ownership type after enrolling a device, the device must be re-enrolled. To do this, the admin can enterprise wipe the device from the console and the end user can enroll through the Agent again.

What is the Privacy app?

The Privacy app is a web application that will take your end users who selected "employee owned" during enrollment to a webpage that shows them what information from the device the admin is able to collect in the console.

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