SEG: Cannot authenticate with credentials to access SEG Console


Certain administrators would want to access their SEG Console using credentials (username and password) that they know for security purposes. This issue is observed when we cannot access the SEG Console with a username and password.



This can be because of a many reasons. The major ones are listed below.

  1. Basic Authentication is not enabled on the SegConsole endpoint in IIS of the SEG Server.
  2. The Gateway username and password provided in the Admin Console during the SEG Configuration are incorrect.



  1. Ensure that basic authentication is enabled on the SEGConsole endpoint in IIS of the SEG Server.
  2. Ensure that the correct username and password is being typed in.



Below is the screenshot for enabling basic authentication on the SEGConsole endpoint within IIS on the SEG Server.





 Below is the screenshot for providing the gateway username and password in the AirWatch Admin Console to access the SEG console.



The gateway user account, needs to be created locally on the SEG Server. It is also not a user or an admin account in AirWatch. It is a user account which is created in the above image and is used to access the SEG console. The same account created/used during the SEG configuration needs to be created on the SEG Servers.

The gateway username is created in the Admin Console of AirWatch during SEG configuration. It does not do anything else than providing access to the SEG console.

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    Anas Bhatti

    Hi Santosh,

    Can you please elaborate on Gateway Username.

    Is not SEG console page is accessible without authentication, by default?



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    Santosh Vishal
    The Gateway user name is the user account in the Admin Console of AirWatch, which is during the SEG configuration. There is an image in the above Kb for it. It is different from the one used during SEG Setup. During SEG Setup, we need to console administrator credentials or the username and password used to access the Admin Console of AirWatch. The gate way username password and the the one used during SEG Setup are different ones all together. Please let us know, if this clarifies! The SEG console is accessible without authentication, by default. That is right! This KB is for users who cannot access the SEG console when they are using a set of username and password called gateway username and password.
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    Anas Bhatti
    Is this the username we used for /segconsole/management.ashx endpoint when you send the policy update or request SEG to refresh policies ?
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