PowerShell: Access is Denied


PowerShell Test Connection fails. The AirWatch Console Log/ACC Log/ manual connection shows “Access is Denied”. See below log.

Authentication type: Negotiate, User: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx, using service credentials: False, ViewEntireForest enabled: False. New-PSSession : Connecting to remote server gma.labgartner.com failed with the following error message : [ClientAccessServer=EXQATHUDSON,BackEndServer=,RequestId=ba07abe8-04db-4dd7-a8da-f8d3def61279,TimeStamp=4/30/2014 7:47:29 PM] Access is denied.

at AirWatch.CloudConnector.Common.PowerShell.PowerShellSessionManager.get_Runspace()

at AirWatch.CloudConnector.ExchangeServices.ActiveSyncPolicyManagementService.TestConnection(TestActiveSyncConnectionRequest request)



The main cause of this response incorrect admin credentials or lack of required roles/permissions.



  1. Re-enter your PowerShell Service Account Credential. Try to add domain in front of the username (may be required by some of the mail servers). Type in password letter by letter rather than pasting it from clipboard.
  2. Check Permissions. Mail Recipients, Organization Client Access, and Recipient Policies roles are needed for the account.




VMware AirWatch PowerShell Administration Guide: https://resources.air-watch.com/view/wdkqp3vlg2d36bh9xscq/en


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