PowerShell: Devices are not correctly allowed or blocked after "Run Compliance"


A common error with Run Compliance is that, post execution of the process, devices that were previously blocked but should be allowed post-RunCompliance continue to remain blocked (similarly for devices that were previously allowed, but in reality should get blocked). This will result in a lot of these devices showing the Last Command field as "Mail Server Update Failed".



The main cause of this issue is either the disconnection between AirWatch and Exchange or incorrect AirWatch compliance records.



Identify where the issue is happening from. Check to see which of the following steps is failing.

  1. AirWatch Run Compliance Button is working or not.
  2. Meg Queue Service has sent out the commands based on the compliance records or not.
  3. ACC and other components have relayed the commands successfully or not
  4. AirWatch Database compliance records are correct or not

Check the following logs for errors after running compliance.

  1. AirWatch WebConsole Log. Example Path: C:\AirWatch\Logs\WebConsole\WebLogFile.txt
  2. AirWatch Meg Queue Service Log. Example Path: C:\AirWatch\Logs\Services\AW.Meg.Queue.Service.log
  3. AirWatch Meg Queue Service Log. Example Path: C:\AirWatch\Logs\Cloud Connector\CloudConnector.log
  4. Check the device record in AirWatch Database mobileEmailGateway.MEMDevice table



VMware AirWatch PowerShell Administration Guide: https://resources.air-watch.com/view/wdkqp3vlg2d36bh9xscq/en


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