Windows RFS: Update Storage Location

Update Storage Location for Windows RFS

The RFS points to a file location to store files.  This value is set during the installation but can be updated post installation.  This could be necessary if RFS was originally set up to store files locally on the server but needed to be modified so that RFS would store files on a separate server.  This can be updated to a local file system path or a UNC path.  


RFS 2.3 (AirWatch 8.3) 

  1. Copy all files from the existing storage path location to the new storage location
  2. Update the Tokens Service to point to new storage location
    1. edit the c:\AirWatch\RemoteFileStorage\rfs-tokens\config\config.json
    2. update aw.filesystem.root=<PreviousStoragePath>  with the new storage path
  3. Update the Files Service to point to the new storage location
    1. edit the c:\AirWatch\RemoteFileStorage\rfs-files\config\config.json file
    2. update “aw.filesystem.root” =”<PreviousStoragePath> “ with the new storage path
  4. Check that the account running RFS services (AirWatch RFS Tokens and AirWatch RFS Files) has permissions to the new file location and update if necessary.
  5. Restart the RFS services
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