Powershell: Could not establish Powershell Session


This error is observed in the verbosed ACC logs when using the ACC to connect to Powershell. It is also found in the verbosed Admin Console Logs when not using the ACC.

The exact error is as mentioned below.

System.Exception: Could not establish PowerShell session for end point Microsoft.Exchange. Looks like AirWatch cannot send powershell commands to the exchange



  1. ACC or the AirWatch Admin Console cannot reach the powershell endpoint. It can happen because of network or SSL issues.
  2. The required authentication is not enabled on the powershell endpoint.
  3. There is a typo in the query which establishes the session.
  4. The ACC service associated account does not have the required permissions and is added to the correct groups.
  5. The ACC server or the AirWatch console server do not have the permissions to issue remote commands.



  1. Ensure that there are no network and SSL errors.
  2. Ensure that basic authentication is enabled on the Powershell endpoint.
  3. Verify if the session can be established from Exchange itself, then attempt the command from the ACC Server or the AirWatch Admin Console Server.
  4. Ensure that the service account being used has been assigned to the respective role groups (AW PS)
  5. Ensure that the ACC server or the AirWatch console server do have the permissions to execute remote commands. This can be done by using the command below Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned
  6. Ensure that the service account associated with Powershell has its password valid. If the password expires then the session cannot be established.




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