Content Gateway (Linux): Console to Content Gateway - Unable to connect to the remote server



Console cannot reach Relay server.



Console To Content Gateway - "Unable to connect to the remote server"



(1) Relay firewall may be disallowing traffic. Disable firewall to see if problem goes away.

>> service firewalld stop [ or if iptables - >> /etc/init.d/iptables stop ]

(2) content-gateway service on Relay may be stopped



(1) If disabling firewall does fix the problem then have client make the changes permanent. Or make sure firewall is enabled and re-run installer - this will set the rules properly. In fact, the root cause here is that the installer was likely run with the firewall stopped. Then the firewall was turned on after install.

(2) If the service is stopped try starting the service.

>> service content-gateway start [ alt. systemctl start content-gateway / start content-gateway ]

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