SEG: SEG Setup - Verification Failed


This error is observed when we are going through the SEG Setup after the SEG is installed. When we attempt to verify the credentials we get this error below:





This could happen because of the following reasons:

1. We cannot access the Exchange Active Sync endpoint of exchange from the SEG Server. (Network and SSL Issues)

2. The account that is used to verify the connectivity does not have a valid mailbox associated.

3. The password for the user account being used is wrong.



1. Ensure that there are no network issues between the SEG and exchange. You can use telnet to check this.

2. Ensure that there are no SSL trust issues between the SEG and Exchange. 

3. Access the owa endpoint in a browser on the SEG Server and try to login. If you cannot login then there is an issue with the user account mailbox or the password.

The URL used to access the OWA endpoint is https://Exchange Server DNS/owa

4. Access the Exchange Active Sync (EAS) endpoint from the SEG Server and you should receive a prompt to enter credentials. If you do not receive a password prompt then the EAS endpoint is not configured to accept credentials. Confirm if basic authentication is enabled in IIS for the MSA endpoint on exchange.

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