Powershell: Test Connection Fails on "Hostname Found"


Powershell test connection fails on the first step, "Hostname Found". 




A test connection might fail at hostname found if the PowerShell end point is not accessible from the computer you are trying to open the session from. If you are using the AirWatch Cloud Connector (ACC) and have the “Exchange Powershell” option Enabled under Advanced settings of the ACC then the PowerShell endpoint might not be accessible from your ACC server. 




Copy and paste the PowerShell URL to a browser and you should get a 401 challenge to enter the username and password.  If using ACC for PowerShell integration, you should perform this action from the ACC server. If you do not get prompted for a password, your URL may be incorrect or the endpoint is not accessible from your computer/ACC server. This indicates a networking issue which may require consulting your networking team for resolution.  

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