SEG: Test Connection Failed - SSL Certificate from Web to SEG Valid (Second Step)


  1. The users fail to sync email on the devices.
  2. SEG test connection result from AirWatch to SEG fails at “SSL Certificate From Web To SEG Valid”. 




The Secure Email Gateway URL under SEG Proxy Setting (in this case, has a SSL certificate issue.



First validate that the certificated is a public 3rd party SSL cert, the “Issue to” or “Subject Alternative Name” matches the DNS name, the certificate is not expired or revoked, and the full certificate chain is displayed. To confirm your certificate details, use the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the SEG URL in a browser. Most of the browsers (IE, Chrome, or Firefox) will show the SSL error. SEG_TS_3.jpg
  2. View the certificate information from the browser for more details. SEG_TS_4.jpg
  3. Check the certificate to ensure it meets the requirements above. 

In this case, the console was configured to an IP address which does not match the "issued to" field in the certificate and the certificate is expired. Please note that when making a HTTPS connection, you must use a DNS name rather than an IP address.  If you would like to use an IP address, you must connect over HTTP. 



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