Upgrade: Unable to start various services after an upgrade


Unable to start various services after an upgrade. Receive the following error during the application upgrade :"Installer failed to create queues for Bulk Import Service. Messaging Queueing Service might not be running .."


Receive the following error when trying to start services: "Some services stop automatically when they are not in use by other services or programs."




- Since we received an error during the upgrade, with respect to queues not being created, we would manually have to create the queues. To get a list of queues that have not been created, restart the services again, and check the respective service logs

"Critical failure reading from queue: Name: FastLaneWNSOutbound ..

System.Messaging.MessageQueueException: The queue does not exist or you do not have sufficient permissions to perform the operation."

Option 1 : - Open the Command prompt as an administrator, and navigate to Drive:\AirWatch\Airwatch x.x\Supplemental Software\Queue Setup and run the following command : "QueueSetup.exe -s NAME_OF_THE_QUEUE"

              - Repeat for all the other queues. If you receive an error "WinVersion is greater than or equal to 2008", follow option 2.

Option 2 : - Open "Computer Management" on the server and navigate to Services and Applications > Message Queueing > Private Queues

               - Under Actions on the right side, select New>Private Queue. Paste the name  of the queues from the log files. 








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