Upgrade: Application Upgrade Failed - Format of the initialization string does not conform to specification starting at index 64


During an Application upgrade to the AirWatch Console Server / Device Services Server the following error appears*:


Format of the initialization string does not conform to specification starting at index 64.



The password being used by the SQL account running connection strings to the database contains the following special characters  [] {}() , ; ? * ! @



You may have to roll back the upgrade on the Application server that you received this error.

In SQL Management Studio please change the password for the SQL account being used for connection strings and remove any special characters.


On the Console Server / Device Services Server:

  • Navigate to AirWatch\AirWatch 8.X\Supplemental Software\Tools\UpdateSQLServerInfo
  • Run the UpdateSQLServerInformation application
  • Change the password to match the new password that you just set in SQL Management Server for the SQL account being used for connection strings

Then run the upgrade afresh.


Note: the first indication that this error may be about to occur is the Console Server application upgrade prompting for GEM information despite the installed version being greater than 6.4.  In which case please ensure that the SQL account does not contain special characters.


* Note - other errors will follow including:

Installer failed to run seed script to set system code override values for site url's, agent paths.
Please run the script manually after the installation completes
Script is located at E:\Airwatch upgrades 062016\Installs\Application

Helpful Article:


"If used in an OLE DB or ODBC connection string, a login or password must not contain the following characters: [] {}() , ; ? * ! @. These characters are used to either initialize a connection or separate connection values."*

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