Upgrade: Content is no longer available after upgrade


  • The AirWatch Content Locker application shows a list of folders, but does not display files after upgrading to AirWatch 8.3.4. 

  • You are using the Content Gateway (formerly Mobile Access Gateway) in a Relay-Endpoint configuration. 


You may find the following scenario applies to your configuration. You will need to know the server names in your Relay-Endpoint Content Gateway configuration. Find these in the AirWatch Web Console under Groups & Settings > Content > Content Gateway.

  • Find the web.config file on the Relay Server (usually in a DMZ) in the following directory:

    X:\AirWatch\AirWatch.EnterpriseIntegration.Content\ where X is the drive on which you installed AirWatch Content Gateway.

  • Make a copy of the web.config file.

  • Open the web.config file in a text editor (such as Notepad) and use the search function to find any instances of the name of your Content gateway endpoint server. 

  • The line in question should read <add key="endpointurl" value="https://your-endpoint-server-name"/>

  • If "https://your-endpoint-server-name" has an extra prefix of "https" added then remove the extra "https" text so that the format is exactly like the example above.

  • You may need to restart Web Services on the Relay server before the changes take effect. The easiest way to do this is to open an Adminstrator Command Prompt and type "iisreset" without the quotations. You will see information on the screen as the services stop and restart.

  • Restart the AirWatch Content Locker and check if the app is now updating correctly.


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