Upgrade: Email Dashboard not updating after SEG re-installation


After re-installing / re-configuring the SEG  you see the following symptoms:

- SEG test connection fails on the last section (SEG to AirWatch)

- The e-mail dashboard is not updating - it may even be empty.

- E-mail is flowing but policies are not being applied.


First, make sure you know the name of the SOAP API server within your AirWatch configuration. You can find this by logging into the AirWatch WebConsole then choosing "Groups and Settings" -> "System Settings" -> "Advanced" -> Site urls. Look for the address next to the section called "SOAP API". You will need this server address later. You may find that the SEG server and the API server are the same server.

Make a connection to https://Your-SEG-Server/SegSetup using a web browser. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and change the logging level to "Verbose" and click on Save.

Obtain a device which has been enrolled and which has been configured with a SEG e-mail profile. Refresh the E-mail policies to generate some verbose logs. To do this go to https://Your-SEG-Server/SegConsole and hit the Refresh button. 

Check first if the log file is showing a specific error outlined below, otherwise this solution may not apply to you.

Run a search in Windows for AW.EAS.IntegrationService.log and open this file in a text editor, such as Notepad or Wordpad.

For this particular resolution, the log file will show the following errors (for which you can search):

CommunicationException encountered while executing<_LoadAccountPolicies>b__c


There was no endpoint listening at https://{your API server address}/AirWatchServices/Internal/0/ActiveSyncIntegrationServiceEndpoint.svc that could accept the message. This is often caused by an incorrect address or SOAP action.

On the API server find the X:\AirWatch\AirWatch 8.3\Websites\AW.Services.Web\web.config file, where X is the drive used in your AirWatch installation and make a copy of this before making any changes.

Open the web.config file in the above directory with a text editor.

Search with the text editor for the text "SSLOffload" (without the quotations). If you find this, use search and replace within the same text editor to replace "SSLOffload" with "Default". There may be about 7 or 8 instances of "SSLOffload" to change. Make sure you search up and down the file to replace all the instance of the text. When you are sure you have replaced all instances, save the file. If you do find the text you should stop now and revert any changes - you have a different issue.

Now go back to the SEG server  and go to the Services applet by using the GUI or by typing services.msc into an admistrator command-line.

Restart the AirWatch EAS Integration Service. This should be the last step in many cases to resolve the issue - the SEG test will now be successful and the E-mail Dashboard will now update. This means your e-mail policies within SEG are working. You may wish to test this.

Note: If you have more than one SEG or API servers you will have to change the config file and restart the services on all the relevant servers. 

Open https://Your-SEG-Server/SegSetup again in a web browser and change the logging level back to "Info."


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