Workaround for apps built with AirWatch SDK not re-fetching AirWatch Tunnel Proxy certificates

This article lists the work around for an issue where applications built with the SDK are not re-fetching the AirWatch Tunnel Proxy certificates after the certificate expires for the application.

This issue has been resolved in AirWatch SDK for iOS by applying the steps below. A long term solution is being developed by our Engineering team and when available this document will be updated.

  1. Inside your project directory, create a bundle AWSDKDefaults.bundle.
  2. Inside the bundle, create a PLIST file AWSDKDefaultSettings.plist.
  3. Open the PLIST in Xcode and add a Boolean property AWHTTPMAGTestURLEnabled with value YES.
  4. Add AWSDKDefaults.bundle as a resource to your Xcode application.
  5. Ensure that AWSDKDefaults.bundle is in the copy bundle resource phase under Build Phases that corresponds to the application target.
  6. In the application's info.plist, go to the App Transport Security Settings and ensure the application enables HTTP explicitly because this setting is disabled by default. 


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