Common AirWatch SDK Errors

The following are common errors made when integrating or using the Android or iOS SDKs.


AirWatch Android SDK

Android permissions should not be capitalized in your AndroidManifest.

    • This may be automatically done by Android Studio, depending on the version. 

Include all AirWatch libraries (.jar and .aar) in the libs folder of your app, or explicitly include them in your gradle script. 

    • Make sure to copy the individual files into the libs folders, as opposed to the app folder.  

AirWatch iOS SDK

AWController must be started in order for the SDK to initialize.

For Xcode 6 and below, the main storyboard must be manually initialized. 

Callback schemes must be included in your app's info.plist and the AppDelegate.m.

Changing the SSO setting in the SDK profile while an app is deployed will cause the app's container to reconfigure. This may lead to the AWEnrollmentAccount object becoming null if it is being used for Integrated Authentication. 

If any SDK classes/frameworks are not being recognized (e.g. "AWController is not recognized"), then try the following:

  • If AWSDK.framework is not linked, make sure to link it under Build Settings > Link Binary with Libraries.

  • If already linked, delete the reference from the Project navigator view on the left.

  • Copy over the entire AWSDK.framework directory from the SDK directory over to your project folder.

  • Go back to "Link binary with Libraries" and re-add the AWSDK.framework that is now in your project directory.

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