Common causes for an iOS SDK app to crash on launch

iOS app crashes when opening

The following are two common causes for an iOS app developed with the AirWatch SDK to crash upon launch.


1. Using CFNetwork for app tunneling

In term of SDK’s app tunneling functionality, the SDK cannot intercept network calls made at the CFNetworking layer. AirWatch operates only at the NS layer(i.e. NSURLConnection).


2. Application is using story boards

Check that the main window is explicitly initialized in the App Delegate file. Whenever the SDK tries to display any of the screens, it’s going to try and look for the window at index 0 from the list of windows, if it’s not there you’re going to get a SEG fault and crash.

In Obj-C the code would look like the following: self.window = [[UIWindow alloc] initWithFrame: [[UIScreen mainScreen] bounds]];


3. New SDK app is using an outdated AWKit.Bundle

Make sure you reimport and re-update the AWKit.Bundle whenever you take a new SDK version. The new AWKit.Bundle will be part of the DMG you received the new SDK in. 

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