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Device Enrollment Program

Volume Purchase Program

Device Enrollment Program (DEP) Troubleshooting Guide VPP Troubleshooting Guide
FAQ: Device Enrollment Program (DEP) VPP FAQs
DEP Configuration Guide Understanding VPP Process Flows
VPP Location Tokens for Apple Business Manager
DEP Best Practices  

Apple School Manager

Apple Push Notification Service (APNs)

Apple School Manger Configuration Guide
Generating & Renewing an APNs Certificate  

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The following are how-to videos to assist with your deployment:

Note: Legacy videos include lessons for customers not leveraging Apple School Manager.


Legacy Lessons

How to configure Apple School Manager APNs Certificates | Demo Video
How to create Device Carts New User Management | Demo Video
How to enable Education in the AirWatch Console Advancing Students | Demo Video
How to manage carts & apps Applications | Demo Video
How to sync class rosters Apple Configurator | Demo Video
  Apple Device Enrollment Program | Demo Video
  Teacher Tools | Demo Video


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