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Device Enrollment Program

Volume Purchase Program

Device Enrollment Program (DEP) Troubleshooting Guide VPP Troubleshooting Guide
FAQ: Device Enrollment Program (DEP) VPP FAQs
DEP Configuration Guide Understanding VPP Process Flows
DEP Best Practices  

Apple School Manager

Apple Push Notification Service (APNs)

Apple School Manger Configuration Guide
Generating & Renewing an APNs Certificate  

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The following are how-to videos to assist with your deployment:

Note: Legacy videos include lessons for customers not leveraging Apple School Manager. 


Legacy Lessons

How to configure Apple School Manager APNs Certificates | Demo Video
How to create Device Carts New User Management | Demo Video
How to enable Education in the AirWatch Console Advancing Students | Demo Video
How to manage carts & apps Applications | Demo Video
How to sync class rosters Apple Configurator | Demo Video
  Apple Device Enrollment Program | Demo Video
  Teacher Tools | Demo Video


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