SEG Attachment Encryption Compliance in VMware Boxer

SEG Attachment Encryption Compliance in VMware Boxer

Upon upgrading the Secure Email Gateway to version 8.4.7, attachments requested by the VMware Boxer application will move from encryption by the SEG to the encryption mechanisms within the Boxer application itself.

  • Boxer will encrypt and store all attachment data independently upon writing to disk
  • Traffic between Boxer and the email server will continue to be secured via SSL
  • Attachment policies for opening in approved applications, such as Content Locker will be enforced through the Sharing policy in the Boxer email settings tab
  • AirWatch Inbox, native mail clients and other clients in use will not be affected by this change

Implications for Customers

  • Customers previously leveraging attachment encryption to route all attachments to the Content  Locker application should configure the Sharing email setting as outlined below prior to upgrading their Secure Email Gateway servers to 8.4.7
  • Attachments may now be previewed within the Boxer application

Steps to Enable Attachment Sharing Restrictions

  • Launch the AirWatch admin console
  • Navigate to Apps & Books -> List View -> Public
  • Find VMware Boxer and click Edit
  • Select the Email Settings tab
  • Scroll to the bottom and observe the Sharing policy. Select from one of the following (example below):
    • Unrestricted – Attachments may be opened into any application
    • Whitelist – Specify the bundle identifier of approved applications. Content Locker may be prepopulated in this list.
    • Preview Only – Do not allow attachments to be opened into other apps installed on the device


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