SEG Delta Sync in AirWatch 8.3

SEG Delta Sync in AirWatch 8.3

AirWatch 8.3 introduces a "Delta Sync" feature in order to reduce load on the API server and allow for more efficient performance.  This functionality is leveraged when the Secure Email Gateway (SEG) performs a policy sync in order to receive an updated list of each device's compliance status, so the SEG is able to properly block/allow each device.  With Delta Sync enabled, the SEG will only fetch policies of devices that have changed compliance status since the last policy sync, instead of the entire device list.  This way, the SEG fetches a much smaller amount of data in each refresh interval.

This functionality is enabled by default for AirWatch 8.3.  However, this change does not affect older SEGs.  If you are currently leveraging an older version of the SEG, the policy refresh will function exactly as it does now even if Delta Sync is enabled in the console.  The new refresh logic will apply when the SEG itself is upgraded to version 8.3.

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