How to resolve receiving HTTP 449 responses from IBM Traveler server when using AirWatch Inbox


When using an AirWatch Exchange ActiveSync profile to connect to an IBM Notes Traveler server via AirWatch Inbox, you may notice you receive HTTP 449 responses when devices attempt to connect to the Traveler server.  This HTTP 449 error occurs if the ActiveSync policy headers sent from the client (and enforced through AirWatch) do not match the policy headers support by the Traveler server itself. Upon receiving a 409/449 error from Traveler, a yellow banner is seen on AWI with the following error message:

"Unable to connect to server" 
"Could not open connection to server due to security reason."


Add the following flag to the NOTES.INI file on the Traveler server to resolve such issues.  Make sure to restart Traveler after the changes are saved.




Adding this flag disables Traveler from enforcing any policies to the AirWatch Inbox apps.

Note: Devices that are leveraging policies provisioned directly by Traveler (not configured through AirWatch) will not be affected.

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