8.1 MEM Compliance Simplification

8.1 MEM Compliance Simplification

With the release of 8.1, the enabling/disabling of the MEM Compliance page has been simplified from three potential states (Green - Enabled, Grey – Default, Red - Disabled) to two states (Green – Enabled, Red – Disabled).

Previously, if a MEM compliance policy was in a “grey” state (1-gray.png) the default actions (listed as “Default action for all other models not listed above”) are still enabled. This can cause confusion and sometimes unintended actions when configuring the compliance policy.

For example, if the below MEM Model Compliance policy is in a “grey” default state, ALL models would be blocked:


With the release of 8.1, an you will only see MEM Compliance Policies as enabled (3-enabled.png) or disabled (4-disabled.png). Any existing policies in a default state (1-gray.png) will be migrated to disabled. A disabled policy will not block any device based on the compliance category (i.e. Model, OS, etc.).

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