Troubleshooting: One-off issues connecting to email for individual users

Problem description:

 Sometimes, only one or a few devices are unable to receive email.  They receive the message "Cannot Get Mail. Cannot connect to server." This does not affect all users, but a smaller subset of the deployment.  Re-enrolling the device does not help.



  • On Active Directory, go to User Details for the affected user. Click on AdvancedEnable "Include inheritable permissions from this object's parents" for their user objects in AD for the user.
  • On the Exchange server, an exchange account is by default only allowed 10 linked devices.  These "device partnerships" are found in the Outlook Web App -> Options -> Phone -> Mobile Phones.  If this list is filled, remove some of the devices that are no longer used.
  • ActiveSync has not been enabled for the specific mailbox. This can be verified via PowerShell: 
            Get-CASMailbox -Identitiy <Username> | Select-Object ActiveSyncEnabled
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