How to reconfigure the SEG

Problem Description:

  • You installed a new Exchange server and the SEG needs to be redirected

  • You upgraded the SEG and want to ensure it is properly configured

  • You are adding another SEG node for clustering or HA/DR purposes


The SEG application can be configured from a local HTML page accessible at http(s)://localhost/SEGSetup. You will need Console Admin access to the AW console, as well as outbound connections from the SEG to your AW instance and mail environment. 

  1. Provide the API endpoint that corresponds to your AW environment. For SaaS customers this is most often or To link up with your specific environment, an administrator account with appropriate privileges needs to be provided. Note: these credentials are not stored or re-used by the SEG.

  2. Select the corresponding OG and MEM configuration for your SEG. You will only be able to select from the MEM configurations available to your administrator account. 

  3. Specify your email server type and hostname that you want the SEG to proxy communications to. You can use the Verify button to test Basic authentication against the ActiveSync endpoint. Below you may alter the MEM configuration settings set in the Console; these determine how the console and SEG communicate. 

  4. If you are currently implementing multiple servers for SEG, you will need to enable SEG clustering to ensure device policy updates are maintained by each. Pay careful attention to the order the SEG nodes are added; always specify your current server first, and then all server nodes in the same order. 

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