AMD Opteron Processors for SEG and API Servers

This article applies Console/SEG versions 7.2+


Based on internal testing, AirWatch has identified performance implications when utilizing the SEG and API server software with AMD Opteron processors. When SEG attachment encryption is enabled, AMD-based API servers take an extended period of time to decrypt encryption key data compared to Intel-based servers. This extended decryption time results in reduced performance, and can lead to encryption key retrieval time outs.

Additionally, if the timeout values on the API and SEG servers are increased to accommodate for this extended processing time, the performance hit is shifted to the SEG server. The SEG can fail to encrypt attachments in a timely matter, leading to high CPU utilization on the SEG server itself. In some cases, 100% CPU utilization has been reported. Ultimately, this increased utilization will lead to reduced performance for all email traffic, including messages that do not contain attachments.


AirWatch recommends not utilizing servers with AMD processors for new installs or deployments of the AirWatch software. For existing deployments currently utilizing AMD processors, we do not recommend enabling SEG attachment encryption until the SEG and API servers are migrated to an Intel-based processor.

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