IIS Web Garden for SEG Content Transformation Performance


This articles describes a method for resolving performance issues in environments utilizing SEG servers with content transformation enabled. Any policy utilizing content transformation (such as hyperlink transformation, attachment encryption, and email security tagging) will require significantly more processing power than an identical environment not utilizing these features. In some cases, the CPU of active SEG servers undergoing heavy traffic can spike to 100% utilization, and the IIS worker process (w3wp) will be utilizing a high percentage of this CPU.

By default, IIS worker processes can consume only a certain amount of the server's memory. In the event of high traffic volume, data must page to disk in order to use additional storage for memory. This process leads to performance hits, and if done for a large number of requests can result in a CPU utilization spike.


An IIS Web Garden may be set up to allow the server to use more than a single IIS Worker Process, thus allowing the SEG application to consume the additional memory required to process the high volume of email requests.

To setup a Web Garden:

  • In IIS, navigate to Application Pools.
  • Find the SecureEmailGateway application pool, right-click, then select Advanced.
  • Under the Process Model header, increase the Maximum Number of Worker Processes to utilize additional processes. However, the total amount should be no more than half of the total CPUs on the SEG server.
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