Email Attachment Management

AirWatch has enhanced its email management functionality by adding the ability to encrypt and protect email attachments using the Secure Email Gateway (SEG). When leaving a corporate mailbox, an email and its attachments, which often contain sensitive information, is vulnerable to data loss or even interception by unauthorized viewers. This new functionality ensures any file received as an email attachment is protected and accessible only from the AirWatch Secure Content Locker (SCL).




Using this utility, AirWatch can:


  • Encrypt attachments using AES 256-bit encryption
  • Issue a unique encryption key for each device enrolled with AirWatch.
  • Set both device category and file type security policies.
    • For iOS devices using the SCL, the SEG secures attachments based on specific file types supported by the SCL. Encrypted files are only decrypted and opened in the SCL. Whether or not the attachment can be stored in the SCL can be set by the administrator.
    • For non-iOS devices, the SEG can secure attachments in bulk for managed or unmanaged devices
  • Block email attachments based on file type.
  • Prevent the ability to copy and paste content from attachments
  • Restrict attachments from opening in third-party applications.
  • Wipe attachment content from compromised devices.
  • Forward encrypted attachments which are then decrypted at the SEG prior to moving on to Exchange.
  • Append an email with an applicable notation when attachments are blocked by the SEG.
When accessing secured attachments you will not have the option to "Open in AirWatch SCL" or Mail.  Sharing an email attachment using the Mail icon within the message maintains the encrypted status of the file and no external party can access its content without access to the SCL. When encrypted, attachments utilize an AirWatch proprietary. awsec file format which can only be accessed using the SCL. 



Email attachment management functionality is available for

  • AirWatch v6.3+
  • Exchange 2010 or Office365 (with SEG v6.3)
  • Exchange 2003/2007, Lotus Notes, Novell GroupWise and Google Apps for Business (with AirWatch v6.4 and SEG v6.4)
  • Secure Content Locker v1.5 for iOS
  • Content Locker v1.3 for Android 

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