How to update the Java version on the Tunnel Proxy

How to update the Java version on the Linux Tunnel Proxy

1. Download the latest RPM package for Java from the official Oracle website.
2. Upload the RPM package to your Linux server.
3. Install the RPM package.  Example command:

sudo rpm -i jdk-8u112-linux-x64.rpm

4. To ensure that Java was upgraded, run the following command.  If the command shows the latest Java version, then Java has been upgraded successfully.

 ls -la /usr/java/latest

5. Finally, restart the Tunnel Proxy service.

How to update the Java version on the Windows Tunnel Proxy

1. Update the Java on the server to the required version.

2. Stop the AirWatch Tunnel Proxy service.

3. Run C:\AirWatch\TunnelProxy\service\proxy-windows\uninstallPrxyService.bat. Make sure that AirWatch Tunnel Proxy service is removed from Services.



4. Navigate to C:\Airwatch\TunnelProxy\service\proxy-conf.  Change the to the new version of Java:

As an example, if you are updating the java version from 1.8.0_51 (java 8 update 51) to 1.8.0_91 (Java 8 update 91), change the line:

** C:/PROGRA~1/Java/JRE18~1.0_5/bin/java


** C:/PROGRA~1/Java/JRE18~1.0_9/bin/java  


5. Run C:\AirWatch\TunnelProxy\service\proxy-windows\installMagPrxyService.bat.  Make sure that AirWatch Tunnel Proxy service shows up in Services



6. Run C:\AirWatch\TunnelProxy\service\proxy-windows\StartMagPrxyService.bat

Note: If you are facing a scenario where Tunnel proxy is not getting removed or not getting installed after performing step 3 and step 5 (running the respective .bat files), restart the Tunnel Server after step 3 & 5.

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